Services Offered

Team focused network

Team focused network

Personal Injury Network

All of our contracted physicians and surgical centers work under liens.

Experienced Specialists who provide quality documentation to referral source in a timely manner.

Specialists located throughout the valley.

Provider list is constantly expanding.

Case Management

Patient contacted same day referral is received.

Referral source will receive confirmation of referral and given appointment info.

Bills and records collected following each appointment will reduce administrative duties.

Recommended surgeries / procedures will have cost estimate attached to visit notes.

Assist with case vetting  and assessments.

All communications and negotiating will be managed in a professional manner.

Ability to carry out all phases of medical treatment.


If you are a physician new to the personal injury world, we offer not only funding options, but help and support to get your practice off and running, services include, but are not limited to:

Privilege set up at surgical centers.





Case Management 


Funding enables and provides physicians treating on a lien, fast and efficient claims payment at a higher reimbursement rate from insurance companies.

Utilizing a funding company, eliminates  financial risk associated with vetting, managing and settling cases.

Providers no longer have to wait months or even years for cases to settle to receive payment for treating personal injury patients. 

Pre- approved surgical and procedure funding.

Diverse claims of all sizes accepted

Pre-negotiated contract processing.